Add an Ensemble

Add an Ensemble
Add an Ensemble - Tutorial

Learn how to add an ensemble and easily make coupons that apply to entire groups of products or categories.

What is an ensemble?

The word is a little bit confusing, but basically, an ensemble is a group of products or an entire category of products for which you want to make a coupon.

Example: All blue sweaters, canned products, veggies and fruits, car parts, cable types, products of a specific brand, laundry products, etc.

To create an ensemble you need to have added the products that go within it first. If you want to know how to add a product, click here.

How to add an ensemble

Adding an ensemble is super easy.

Products Tab - Ensembles - Add an ensemble
  1. Click on the Products Tab, and select Ensembles in the left panel menu, then click on the Plus button.
  2. Enter the name of the ensemble. (Use catchy names)
  3. Enter a brief description of the ensemble.
  4. Add a photo of your ensemble. Just so you know the ideal size for your ensemble's photo is 680 x 520 px.

Once you've added your ensemble, the right panel menu will change to include settingsstore availability, and log. Let's go over the various boxes in the Ensembles Settings first, so you can enter additional information about your ensemble and start adding your products.

Products Tab - Ensembles - Settings

Ensembles - Settings

Info box

Ensembles - Settings - Info box
  • Name - This is the name you entered when you created the ensemble, but you can always change it if you feel a different name looks better. We encourage you to use short names so that your customers can easily read them.
  • Description - The description should be short and try to be creative with it.
  • Photo - Try to use a professional photo that catches your customer's attention. Remember that the ideal size for your product's photo is 680 x 520 px.
  • Delete Ensemble - When you hover over the Info box a minus symbol will appear. When you click on it the option to delete the ensemble will pop up.
Ensembles - Settings - Info box - Delete Ensemble

For more information on deleting an ensemble and recovering a deleted ensemble click here.

Price box

Ensembles - Settings - Price box

As you might already know, all prices in the Products Tab are regular prices, not discounted prices.

There is a peculiar aspect to the pricing of ensembles because you can select two different pricing types.

  • Individual prices - Your products keep their regular prices and since each one of them might be different, when making a coupon for this ensemble you'll only be able to apply a percentage discount on it.
  • One price for all - You can input a price for all the products in this ensemble. This comes in handy when you are managing a specific price for an entire category of products and you want to make a coupon for them. Always remember that this price will be the regular price of your ensemble on top of which a discount will be made.

 Should you want to change the currency, you must go to your Company Account Settings and change it in the Basics box.

Features box

Ensembles - Settings - Features box (optional)

This information is optional and it will only appear in the CircusOffers app in the more information icon on all claimed coupons.

  • Features title (optional) - Some customers may need more information about your ensemble. You can add here the title of the characteristics you want them to know. Examples: Specs, Ingredients, Colors, Options, or anything you want.
  • Features (optional) - You can add the list of characteristics here. Most people add a list of the products that are contained in this ensemble.

Type box

Ensembles - Settings - Type box

For now, CircusOffers only gives you two main types of ensembles.

  • Brand - You could use this as a label to easily recognize that this ensemble is for a specific brand.
  • Category - You could use this as a label to easily recognize that the ensemble is for an entire product category like "All fish products" or "All side dishes"

Right now this option does not affect in any way your ensemble, it just shows you the type of ensemble within the left-panel menu. In the future you'll be able to select other types, to keep your ensembles better organized.

External ID box

Ensembles - Settings - External ID box
  • External ID - This is a very important variable that can be useful for identifying an ensemble when using our API. Whenever a CircusOffers coupon is redeemed via a scan on your POS System or entered in a web store, those systems receive information from CircusOffers. Among the information that is received by your POS System and web store is this ensemble external ID, allowing your systems to identify if any product within the ensemble is within the purchased items, and thereby a discount can be applied.

Products in ensemble box

Ensembles - Settings - Products in ensemble box

You'll see the list of products added here and a plus button to add more.

Note: You can only add Products to an Ensemble. You cannot add Combos to an Ensemble.

Ensembles - Settings - Products in ensemble - Add product
  • To add a product click on the plus button and the Add product box will open.
Ensembles - Settings - Products in ensemble - Add product box
  • You can select the products you want to add. You have to select one at a time and confirm your selection by clicking on the check button. If you don't want to select more products you can click on the "x" to close the Add product box.

Included in combos box

Ensembles - Settings - Included in combos box

This box only exists for information purposes to know if the current ensemble you have selected is included in a combo.

Preview box

Ensembles - Settings - Preview box

We thought it'd be cool to be able to see how the coupon was starting to take form, so we included a preview of the coupon with the basic information that you've entered so far for the ensemble.

  • Controls: Device - You can select the device you want to preview. You can select between Smartphone and Desktop.

Age restriction

Ensembles - Settings - Age restriction example

Notice that there is no option to add an age restriction to an ensemble. The reason for this is that the ensemble will show the age restriction of any of its products. If you have many products in an ensemble that each has a different age restriction; then your ensemble will show the youngest age restriction of all your products.

Remember to access the Log on the right panel menu to see who has made any changes to your Ensemble settings.

Congratulations! You've created your first ensemble in CircusOffers. You can now create a combo that includes an ensemble. 😀