Getting started...

Learn how to get started with CircusOffers: Create your Company Account, add your first products, add your marketing channels and stores, and learn how to create your first coupons.

Add printed material as a Marketing Channel

Learn how to add offline marketing channels to promote your coupons and reach new customers the old-school way.

Add a Messaging platform as a Marketing channel

Discover the benefits of offering coupons to your customers during negotiations. Close deals faster with coupons.

Add an Advertising platform as a Marketing channel

Learn how to add Advertising platforms to promote your coupons with new audiences and get new customers to your stores.

Add a Social Media platform as a Marketing channel

Learn how to add social marketing channels to promote your coupon books with customers who already follow and like you.

Add a combo

Learn how to create Combos in CircusOffers and create coupons for any combination of products you want.

Add an Ensemble

Get the most out of coupons that apply to entire categories of products. Learn how to create your first Ensemble in CircusOffers.

Add a Product

Learn how to add products to your circus and you'll be creating coupons for your products in no time.

Company Settings

Learn how to change the design of your coupons and coupon books and how to change basic information about your company.

Creating a Personal Account

To create a Personal Account, go to and click on Join the Circus. Enter your information and verify your email address.

Creating a Company Account

Learn how to create a Personal Account and a Company Account in CircusOffers to start publishing your company's coupon books in a matter of minutes.